Farmer in a tractor using a radio to communicate

Two Way Radio

Two way radio is a vital part of many rural farms and businesses, from small holdings to huge Estates. Reliable communications are imperative in what can sometimes be dangerous working conditions.

The nature of farming means that waterproof two way radios are sometimes necessary, as well as being able to withstand freezing conditions.

Fieldtalk have years of experience delivering walkie talkies throughout Gloucestershire and nationally, and have tried and tested technology for every environment, and can provide all the advice you need.

  • Licensed two way radios
  • License-free two way radios

Two way radio has two main options, License-free which are suitable for short range, basic use and Licensed for greater coverage and functionality. We can apply for the licensing you need on your behalf as well as recommending handsets suited to Licensed or License-free use.

Why Two Way Radio?

  • Easy to use
  • The ability to all hear the conversation rather than one call at a time
  • Options for dust and waterproof and “in cab” radios
  • Enhanced coverage

Long Term Hire and Short Term Hire Available

We can supply walkie talkies for long term hire or short term radio hire. We can work with you to develop a rental package that suits you, so that you have as many radios as you need, when you need them.

Long term radio hire also includes annual servicing, technical support and the ability to add more handsets over time.

Radios for Event Hire

We can provide walkie talkies for events throughout Gloucestershire and beyond. We’ve provided radios for a number of outdoor events and can scale our radio rental up, or down, to suit your event. We’ll work to understand your requirements so that we know the radios we’re providing are right for your event and for your team. We can provide training on all handsets as well to ensure your staff are familiar with the system they’ll be using.

Two Way Radio

Radio Product Datasheets

IPTT Radio System with Despatcher Software
MOTOROLA DM4000 Series Mobile

MOTOROLA T80 Extreme
HYTERA PD5xx Series
HYTERA PD6xx Series