Vehicles are vital tools that help you do your job effectively. Unfortunately, these machines are expensive and often targets of theft. It is extremely important that you protect your assets and don’t become another victim.

ATVTrac gives you this protection.

ATVTrac is revolutionising ATV and vehicle security. The state of the art tracker is a discreet unit that monitors the movements of your assets in real-time.

The tracker is the only product in the market that is Thatcham 6 & 7 approved. The unit has GPS as well as radio frequency detection, meaning ATVTrac provides you with the ultimate level of protection.

ATVTrac has a large number of features which combine to give you the peace of mind that your vehicles are in safe hands:

• Self-maintaining: The unit has an internal battery that lasts up to 30 days.
• 24/7 Operations Centre: The ATVTrac team operates at all times and will liaise directly with authorities to protect your assets.
• AVT Over Alerts: The unit will notify your contacts automatically if your machine is over, making it perfect for lone workers.
• Journey Recorder: Log journeys and get detailed information such as distance and speed.

Not just ATVs: We specialise in protection for farmers, estate managers and builders. Protect your trailers, tractors, generators and anything else that isn’t tied down.

For more information about the benefits of ATVTrac, please click here download our leaflet.

Don’t risk losing your assets; protect them.