Fieldtalk are proud to announce that they are now official suppliers to the Royal Agricultural University’s Farm491.

Sitting within 491 hectares of beautiful Cotswold farmland, which will be used for research and testing, Farm491 is a space for innovators to grow their business by applying technology to agriculture. It provides budding agri-tech entrepreneurs affordable and flexible working environments where they can run and grow their businesses.

The link to the Royal Agricultural University gives members of Farm491 access to the university’s support and knowledge network that includes farmers, entrepreneurs, investors and academics. Members also have open access to farming data, research, equipment and resources.

With 491 hectares of farmland, 52 business incubator units and over 1,000m² of office space it is vital that Farm491 has reliable telecommunications. Fieldtalk will be providing Farm491 and start-up businesses with Multi-UK Network contracts that will keep them in contact, even when signal is hard to get out on the Cotswold farmland. In addition to this they will also supply the latest 4G Mobile Broadband solutions which will allow the businesses to reach fast download speeds, and therefore not compromise the work which will be carried out by the agri-tech entrepreneurs. To ensure everyone stays connected, even in harsh weather conditions, two-way radios will also be provided that are waterproof and able to withstand freezing conditions.

Each of Fieldtalk’s products and services will ensure that Farm491 can achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

For more information on Fieldtalk products and services call 0800 161 5840 or email